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Young & Restless: Kyle Tells Diane He’s Returning to Milan

At Crimson Lights, Sharon is on the phone making the final arrangements with the church for Rey’s memorial in Genoa City. Nick joins her, apologizing for having to step away from her, and asks what else he can do to help. There’s not much. She’s kept the event small. He promises to do all he can to make sure that he is respected. But he is hoping she will reconsider something about the service in Miami.

Sharon and Nick discuss Rey's funeral at Crystal Lights Y&R

Nick encourages Sharon to take him or one of the kids with her to Miami for Rey’s service. She says she won’t be alone — all of Rey’s family will be with her. It won’t be easy but she’ll be in good hands. Nick says he’ll get on the flight if she needs him. And if she needs him when she is down there, he will jump on the first flight. That means a lot to her.

When Sharon steps away, Diane pops up to say hello. After assuring Nick she’s not a doppelganger, she explains that she is alive and back. Uninvited, she sits down and her eyes continue to bug out. She tells him to relax, her return from her and has nothing to do with him. She’s back to make amends to her son de ella. Nick doesn’t think there are amends for what she did to Kyle and the family. He roots up the past. She’s already heard all of that today. “I’ve changed,” she insists and the only one who needs to believe that is her son.

Diane needles Nick at Crystal Lights Y&R

None of this makes sense to Nick. Diane just wants to prove she’s worthy of being in Kyle’s life. Nick informs her he’ll be staying away from her and orders her to stay away from Summer. If she’s smart, she’ll leave town. Diane explains she would have stayed gone if it weren’t for Kyle. Sharon is shocked when she returns and sees who is sitting there. Her mouth hangs open. Diane assures her she’s not back to cause anyone pain. Nick shows Sharon out.

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When Nick gets Sharon back to her place, she worries about how he is handling seeing Diane again. He only wants to focus on her. She tells him that being there for her is enough. Sharon doesn’t know how she would get through this without him and the kids.

Sharon is rattled after seeing Diane at home Y&R

At Nate and Elena’s penthouse, he and Devon discuss the efficiency of distribution centers. Nate appreciates him having the confidence to make him a COO. Devon says all of them working together is proof that family and forgiveness are the most important things. “Amen to that!” Lily says as she joins them.

After they go over some details about Nate’s ideas, Lily says this all sounds great. She still wants to have a big party for the launch with a media push. Devon has reluctantly come around to that idea. He asks how Billy feels about it all. The men sense he feels uncomfortable being the non-family member in a family company. She says Billy’s superpower is he never feels uncomfortable. Devon and Nate don’t get that impression. Lily assures them he is totally committed. Elena arrives as the meeting ends. The siblings leave them alone to talk about how gorgeous they are.

Devon Lily and Nate have a meeting at the penthouse Y&R

When they are alone, Nate gives Elena a massage and she tells him about work. She’s not getting subtle judgment about dating the chief of surgery anymore. After he relaxes her, she asks him upstairs for a bubble bath. After the bath, he gets them wine. He tells her how magical it is to be part of a family coming together with a shared dream.

Nate rubs elena at penthouse Y&R

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At the Abbott house, Allie is started when she arrives and Jack shows her in, introducing her to the whole family. The mood is a bit intense and Billy assures her it’s not always like this. When she meets Kyle, she tells him it’s weird because he’s the reason they were all brought together. Given the Diane situation, she can’t imagine what they are going through and how difficult it is. She’s starting to think this might be a bad time and she offers to leave. Everyone has been waiting to meet her and they don’t want her to go now.

Jack introduces Allie to family at Abbott estate Y&R

Everyone assures Allie that she is not imposing. They are all happy to have the chance to meet her. She admits it’s “kind of a lot” to meet them all at once but she agrees to stay. Jack does the introductions and Traci welcomes her. Ashley tells her that she worked with her father de ella and he was an amazing person. Billy assures her they have all gone through that kind of loss and pay their condolences. Jack says he thought her schedule was busy and wonders what happened that allowed her to come to Genoa City. She’s not the most spontaneous person but she just finished her semester and decided she needed a break. Kyle sneaks out and his father spots him going. When Allie asks for a hotel recommendation, they insist she stay there. As Traci grabs her stuff from her to show her upstairs, Jack tells her how glad he is she’s there.

Billy and Ashley talk about what a big day it has been at the Abbott house. Abby joins them and they begin discussing Diane. Ashley can’t believe Billy thought Diane deserved a second shot. He says it’s Kyle’s choice and at the end of the day, she’s his mother of him.

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Kyle heads to The Grand Phoenix. Jack catches him heading for the elevators. His son from him admits he wanted to check on his mom after her grilling from her. Jack assures him that Diane can take care of herself. Kyle knows that his father just wants to help him, but he needs to deal with this on his own. He hopes Allie sticks around for a while. His father suspects that she’s come to town for a specific reason. Jack repeats his offer from him to be a moral support and Kyle repeats he needs to deal with his mother from him alone. After giving him a pat on the shoulder, Jack takes off.

Kyle and Jack wait for Diane at Grand Phoenix Y&R

Kyle goes upstairs and knocks on Diane’s door. She’s not there so he returns to the lobby. His mom of him swans in. She tells him she’s had a few difficult run-ins with some old acquaintances. He’s worried she might feel like he ambushed her earlier. She assures him it was positive, but she wonders where all of this leaves the two of them. It may be hard for her to hear, but he came to tell her he’s returning to Milan tonight.

Kyle tells Diane he's leaving town at Grand Phoenix Y&R

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Billy returns to the old office. Lily is already there. He’s happy to be back, even if he liked being able to work without pants at home. He informs her that Diane is not only alive, but in town. He rehashes what happened over at the Abbott house. After Diane left, Allie showed up and she seems nice. Just hearing about all of this exhausts her. She tells him about her much less dramatic meeting than her. Billy tells her that Victoria confronted him about her “Grinning Soul” podcast. Lily points out that he let her anger crowd her judgment. She likes that he has an alternative person to express his feelings for her through her but she thinks he needs to be more careful in being specific. The goal should be to be more universal. He admires her wisdom from her and kisses her.

Billy and Lily back to their old office Y&R

Billy goes into his podcasting studio and turns on his voice altering device. Recording, he claims his “ramblings” of him will not always be pretty, and may sometimes be ugly, but he will change the names of the people he discusses to protect the innocent. But who is innocent? He certainly isn’t. He will be hard on himself too. However, he will show no mercy to those who mean to take advantage of others and those who have evil in their hearts.

Billy podcasts in his anger dome Y&R

Jack returns to the Abbott house. His sisters tell him that Abby and Allie are having a bite in the kitchen. Traci has been telling her stories about her and Ashley is looking forward to getting to know her better. They all sense something is weighing on her. Traci suggests she’s come because she needs her grandfather’s shoulder to lean on.

Traci and Ashley worry about Allie to Jack at Abbott estate Y&R

Once Allie and Jack are left alone, she tells him his family has been nothing but kind, generous, and warm. When he reminds her of her they are her of her family of her too, she bursts into tears.

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