Intelligent Waves Harnesses NodeZero Platform to Combat DoD Cyber ​​Threats; CSO John Hammes Quoted – Jahanagahi
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Intelligent Waves Harnesses NodeZero Platform to Combat DoD Cyber ​​Threats; CSO John Hammes Quoted

Government information technology company Intelligent Waves has entered a strategic partnership with to leverage a program to enhance cybersecurity measures.

IW intends to assist in the safeguarding of networks frequently traveled by US Department of Defense special operations officials via’s NodeZero autonomous penetration testing platformthe Reston, Virginia-headquartered company said Thursday.

John Hammeschief strategy officer at IW, commented that’s security offerings are especially necessary in today’s climate defined by “rogue actors constantly on the prowl for vulnerabilities.”

“Intelligent Waves is honored to include’s NodeZero into our ultra-secure tool suite for DevOps for special operations,” Hammes added.

NodeZero functions by approving architecture deployments and scanning customer habitats for weak spots and potential invasion areas, ultimately confirming their status for usage. The platform’s admission into Intelligent Waves’ DevOps arsenal is slated to effectively diminish deployment validation periods and cost while strengthening outlook and understanding of cyber landscapes’ safety based on constant surveillance.

IW’s dispensation of NodeZero will aid the Department of Defense special operations community by anticipating the attacks of malicious actors. It will examine the ways a cybercriminal might chain together harvested credentials, misconfigurations, dangerous product defaults and exploitable vulnerabilities to weaken a system or data. The platform is also seen as a force multiplier that will save money by maximizing DoD resources through the specification of its findings.

“Our partnership with Intelligent Waves allows us to provide APTaaS to customers, helping them understand their cybersecurity risk profile so they can harden their security postures with penetration tests that can be run as often as they want,” explained Snehal Antani, CEO and co- founder of

The IW and collaboration follows the similar teaming up of IW with Teradici to deepen the impacts of the company’s Phantom cyber-defense communications platform in October 2021.

In that case however, it was IW utilizing Teradici’s tools to optimize its own cybersecurity product, rather than the reverse.

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