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The Internet Reveals Jobs They Don’t Respect

The Internet has come together to reveal the jobs they have no respect for, and people aren’t holding back with their responses.

The now-viral Reddit post, titled, “What job do you have no respect for,” has been upvoted 18,300 times, garnering over 14,000 comments. Redditor @MrTuxedo1 shared the post to the subreddit “Ask Reddit” on May 11. Users responded with their thoughts in the comments, and a debate ensued.

Woman on phone with card
The Internet is coming clean about jobs they don’t respect. Here, a woman on her phone as she holds up her debit card.


Managers of scamming call companies, as well as the scammers themselves, were put on blast, and one Redditor admitted that what they do “is wrong and they know it. I couldn’t live with myself doing that to someone else. I don’t Don’t consider this a job either, it’s criminal.”

According to Statista, the amount of money lost from phone scams in the United States in 2020 totaled around $19.7 billion. The website also reports that in the same year, 82 percent of people who received a scam call were contacted on their mobile phones.

Debt Collectors

Some people mentioned debt collectors, which have been known to cause a headache for some. One comment received over 24,000 upvotes on its own, honing in on a specific scenario.

“There are debt collectors who call relatives of the deceased to pay off their debts when they are not legally obligated to,” a Redditor pointed out.


Televangelists and pastors of large churches were also called out, and one person said pastors at “mega-churches” that ask followers for cash for “private jets” are “absolute scum to abuse others’ faith for your own greed.”

televangelist joel osteen entertainment new york
Redditors listed televangelists as a least-respected profession. Above, televangelist Joel Osteen leaves the “Entertainment Tonight” taping at a Midtown Manhattan office building on October 2, 2013, in New York City.
Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

Another thinks that’s precisely why they stopped going to such an establishment, adding it “felt funny how they were talking about giving and kindness while showing a video at helicopter view of the pastor’s mansion on a hill.”


Some people take advice from psychic mediums, but not everyone thinks they have a respectable profession. A Redditor thinks psychics are “usually scammers and [they] take advantage of the vulnerable.” Another called them “scammers who exploit people or they’re idiots who believe their own lies. Often a mixture of both.”

life coaches

Life coaches, who work with people to help counsel and encourage them to excel and improve their lives, were named as well, and one Redditor admitted they know three of them, all of whom are divorced mothers at their kids’ school, calling them ” human dumpster fires.”

“One shows up to every event with wine in a tumbler and seems to have new damage to her car every month,” they said. “Another one isn’t allowed on school grounds because she stole a teacher’s credit card during a parent-teacher conference.”

Kiosk Workers

Other professions were also ridiculed, and a Reddit user thinks people you find working in the middle aisles of the mall attempting to sell people stuff “just pray on older people and younger teens that don’t know any better.”


Politicians, who are notoriously criticized and are also voted into office, weren’t free from commentary either. One Reddit user thinks they are “supposed to vote on laws” benefitting their specific constituents.

“Instead, we just get a bunch of greedy people who will screw over their voting base just to line their pockets,” they wrote.


Another person doesn’t understand social media influencers, admitting they’re in their 40s, and it’s like they are “narcissists manipulating insecurities,” adding, “And they wear it like some badge of pride. Plus, they’re mostly over- edited fake pics of people who are unhappy with who they are.”


Realtors have the opportunity to make big money, and a Redditor called real estate agents “parasitic, opportunistic leeches,” insisting they are pushing a “generation” into being “rent slaves for the sake of a commission.” Another user agreed, saying a realtor is a legitimate job that they have zero respect for.

Journalists & Paparazzi

paparazzi photography celebrity fashion week
Journalists and paparazzi were named as professions people don’t trust. Above, a Paparazzi shoots celebrities after the conclusion of the Calvin Klein show during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014 shows February 13, 2014, in New York City.
TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

Journalists were also criticized, including those that write click-bait articles and paparazzi. One Redditor believes that paparazzi hiding in a person’s bushes outside their home to get a look at their “new outfit isn’t journalism,” insisting it’s a “violation of their right to privacy.”

“Random celeb went to this cafe?” they questioned. “He bought this car? She went there for vacation? No one cares, paparazzi are absolute scum and so are the people reading and supporting their nonsense.”

Law Enforcement Officials

Law enforcement officials weren’t immune, and in fact, they were named by a number of Redditors as well. “Cops, and especially the ones that target poor people on the [regular]so most of them,” a user said.

Newsweek reached out to Redditor @MrTuxedo1 for comment.

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