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Musician summons up 15 covers of Elden Ring’s theme song

You, too, can play this well if you upgrade your bass with the right Spirit Ashes.

In the few months that From Software’s Elden Ring has been out, the internet has enjoyed taking its creators’ carefully considered artistic vision and just kind of wreaking havoc on it. Aside from finding strategies to defeat particularly difficult enemies by doing stuff like messing with their programming so they act like dopes—a time-honored From game tradition—modders have also been hard at work making it possible to, say, enter bloody combat with a horse-riding Shrek as a battle-hardened Homer Simpson.

As impressive as all of these efforts may be, though, none are quite as transformative as the approach musician alex mukala you have taken to twisting Elden Ring into a new shape: Reworking the game’s theme song through 15 different musical genres in to single video.

when we last checked in on Moukalahe was concentrating on making every conceivable final-fantasy funky tracks. Now, he’s turned his attention to a piece of music that anyone who’s had Elden Ring‘s menu idle on their TV for hours has deeply embedded in their brains.

The original, grand symphonic track is, in Moukala’s hands, transformed into a calm melody accented by Spanish guitar, a driving nu-disco dance song with a gravelly bass line, and a chugging metal number. As his medley continues, it includes a lo-fi hip-hop interpretation, a choral-led darksynth take, an appropriately dramatic “movie trailer” cover, and baroque, reggae, and (our favorite) a French house version.

You have your next project set out for you, Elden Ring modders. It’s time to get Moukala’s tracks inserted into the game so the act of killing the Godskin Duo can be made a little more relaxing by enjoying deadly combat against misshapen lumps of vicious demonic flesh to a reggae soundtrack.

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