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Musician summons up 15 covers of Elden Ring’s theme song

In the few months that From Software’s Elden Ring has been out, the internet has enjoyed taking its creators’ carefully considered artistic vision and just kind of wreaking havoc on it. Aside from finding strategies to defeat particularly difficult enemies by doing stuff like messing with their programming so they act like dopes—a time-honored From […]


Netflix Resident Evil Trailer and Showrunner Interview/Explanation

They have some red in them.Screenshot: Netflix You’ve played the games have you seen the moviesand now Netflix brings you a new version of resident Evil unlike any you’ve seen before. The first trailer for the mysterious and highly anticipated show has just dropped and io9 spoke with showrunner Andrew Dabb about it. The The […]


Pokemon Legends Arceus Outsells Classics, Proves Risks Pay Off

screenshot: Nintendo According to the fiscal report that Nintendo released today, Pokémon Legends: Arceus sold 12.64 million units last year. While it doesn’t usurp Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and shining pearl‘s combined sales figure of 14.65 million, it’s nevertheless impressive for an original title that deviated so far from every mainline game in the series. legends […]


Internet Hero Blows Up On TikTok For Saving Poor Nintendogs

picture: Nintendo / BennyPVideos / Kotaku Last month, Ben was riding on the last train home from a concert, when he spotted an odd little black object on the floor. It turned out to be a left-behind nintendogs DS game cartridge. After getting back home, he got it to work and discovered two lost pups […]