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Adam Sandler returns to acting in Netflix’s Hustle

Juancho Hernangomez and Adam SandlerPhoto: Scott Yamano (Netflix) People have been saying “The Sandman is back” for a few years now. It happens every time he does a drama. After the success of uncut gems Y Meyerowitz storiesAdam Sandler is putting on his dramatic acting mask with a frown one more time in Hustlea sports […]


Adam Sandler Stars In Netflix’s ‘Hustle’ Trailer

The breakout star of there would be halloween, Adam Sandler, is finally releasing his passion project, a movie about basketball (not that one) called Hustle. Sandler stars as basketball scout Stanley Sugarman who brings an underdog player from Spain to Philly to play for the 76ers. In the trailer, Sandler proudly exclaims, “You come to […]