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Nintendo Hypes Splatoon 3 And More As Labor Complaints Continue

picture: Nintendo / MobyGames / Kotaku It’s been nearly a month since a former employee filed a National Labor Relations Board complaint against Nintendo alleging surveillance, coercion, and retaliation. Outside of an initial statement denying the company engaged in union-busting, the house of Mario has remained publicly silent in the face of an increasing number […]


Netflix Resident Evil Trailer and Showrunner Interview/Explanation

They have some red in them.Screenshot: Netflix You’ve played the games have you seen the moviesand now Netflix brings you a new version of resident Evil unlike any you’ve seen before. The first trailer for the mysterious and highly anticipated show has just dropped and io9 spoke with showrunner Andrew Dabb about it. The The […]


This Adorable Hand-Sculpted Pikachu Also Charges Your iPhone

Wireless charging’s best feature is simply being a more convenient way to power up devices without having to struggle to find and plug in a cable, right? But why settle for a boring puck sitting on your nightstand when Twitter’s Yoshirin Nendo you have shown us that wireless chargers can be far more creative and […]